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Rob Chudzinski News Conference: Day 3 of Browns Training Camp

Jason Miller

Cleveland Browns head coach Rob Chudzinski met with the media following the team's third day of training camp on Saturday. Chudzinski talked about the concussion sustained by OG Ryan Miller, putting screen passes into the offense, and more. The transcript is organized by topic below, or you can watch the news conference here.

Our Day 3 report on what happened at camp is here.

Ryan Miller's Injury (Note: He Has Since Been Released From Hospital)

(Opening statement): "Good afternoon. Just want to start off with Ryan Miller. He was injured early in practice with a head injury during drills. He was taken to the hospital. Our medical staff treated him on the field and was able to transport him to the hospital. At this time, Ryan is doing well. He is responsive and sounds like things are better at this point. We will continue to give you updates on that. I plan on visiting Ryan tonight and seeing how he is doing."

(On Ryan Miller staying overnight in the hospital): "I don’t know that."

(On what exactly happened to cause Ryan Miller's injury): "It was one-on-one blocking drills. I did not see it. Obviously, two guys were going against each other and hit against each other."

(On the message to the team after a player getting injured): "We got together. We said a prayer, said we would keep Ryan in our thoughts and I would give them updates as we got them. We needed to get back to work at that point and focus back on practice."

(On the team responding to his message): "I thought they did a great job. It really says a lot about them, our coaches, our staff and our players to be able to do that. This team is a family and when something happens to a family member like that, it’s tough. These guys did a great job of staying focused and getting a lot of work done that we needed to get done."

(On the reaction of a player getting injured for the first time as a head coach): "Well, you take the lead in these situations. That’s what I did. Again, I look forward to being able to see Ryan tonight and get a chance to visit with him."

(On waiting to learn Miller was going to be OK): "It’s difficult. I was very concerned about him. I went over and gave him a tap when he was going out. At that time he was moving around a little bit so that was encouraging."

(On knowing how long he was unconscious): "I don’t know."

(On huddling players at mid-field, whether he updated them on Miller): "I did. It was. I gave them an update on Ryan."

(On whether he sustained a concussion): "I think right now calling it a head injury is most accurate until we get more details about it. I don’t want to classify it or call it something that it could be."

(On whether it was a neck injury): "It was just a head injury."

Returning Players and Other Injury News

(On Phil Taylor practicing): "He went through individuals today. We will continue to monitor and look at him, eventually upgrade as the time comes."

(On FB Brock Bolen): "He has a calf strain."

(On OL Oniel Cousins): "He has a knee sprain. I’m sorry, he has an ankle sprain. It will probably be a couple of weeks."

Moving Practice Indoors Due to Weather, and Full Pads

(On disappointment of having to practice inside due to weather): "I was hoping to get out. When I came in here, early in the morning, it was drizzling, and I saw the forecast for the day. We had a lot of wetness on the field. So, it was a combination of the forecast and the fields all being wet and not wanting to tear those up."

(On the changes of practicing inside, rather than outside): "It doesn’t change as much. Obviously, we didn’t go full pads. For the first day of full pads, I didn’t want to be inside, on the turf. We will be full pads tomorrow. It’s just a tighter space that we have to work with in here, but we were able to get a lot done."

Working on the Screen Passes & Dion Lewis

(On offense working on screen passes): "It was something that was in our installation today. After a few days, we get those guys rushing up the field so much. Screens have always been something that Norv has really excelled, teams that Norv has coached. I have been fortunate to be around Norv and learn a thing or two about screens."

(On executing the screen play): "There is a lot of coordination and timing between the offensive line and the running backs; the timing of it happening, knowing the rushes and the right people to do it against, as well."

(On knowing where Dion Lewis fits into the offense): "I think I’m just learning. He’s a guy that we haven’t seen a lot. Running backs really tend to show more when the pads come on. You see their running skills and the blocking schemes develop a little bit better. Like you saw today, with pads on it’s a lot different. We will continue to look at him as well as all of those guys. We will put them in situations so they can show what they can do."

Quarterbacks Playing Better than Friday, and Getting the Offense Ready

(On quarterbacks having a better day): "They did. I thought the offense as a whole had a lot better day. That’s one of the things you’d like to see happen on a day-to-day basis, so it’s not always one side of the ball winning. You’d like to see it where it is offense one day, defense the next day, and when there’s a back-and-forth competition. At the end of the day, you need a balanced team. You have to be able to win games in this league different ways. Sometimes they are going to be high-scoring, sometimes they are going to be low-scoring. Sometimes your defense is going to be dominating or sometimes they are going to be struggling and vice versa. Having a balanced team is a key and it is something we have talked a lot about with the guys."

(On scrambling to get the offense ready for the first game): "It’s right around the corner. It seems like time flies. It will be here before you know it. Again, we have a lot of work to do. I’ve been pleased with what we’ve gotten done in the last couple of days. Particularly seeing things like we talked about when things didn’t look so well on one side of the ball. Guys were bouncing back, understanding and making the corrections and executing better on the field. I think that’s the process that you are looking for guys to go through as we are going toward our first game. We will continue to install things in the course of the next week and week and-a-half. We’ll get ready to go out and play."

False Starts and Other Offensive Line Talk

(On handling a false start during practice): "You saw that, didn’t you? Sometimes, it just depends. There is not always a hard, fast rule with things. In that particular case it was a point of emphasis."

(On whether the player was being singled out for an accumulation of mistakes): "It was a point of emphasis at that particular time. In other cases it could be an accumulation."

(On how cohesive he expects the offensive line to be): "Well, with a new system and new terminology it will take some time. Those guys in my opinion and in my experience are the toughest to coordinate, to get that communication that you need to get those guys playing together that you want. That does take some time. Having George Warhop here, he’s done a fantastic job. He has a relationship with them. I think that has really helped in that way. They are learning a new system, they are learning new terminology. George is here and he can translate to help get them on the right page."

(On Joe Thomas being a good teacher and translator): "Joe is actually used to it. He has heard the terminology before. When I was here before there are a lot of similarities from that standpoint. He’s done a great job from a leadership role. He’s showing guys the right way and the direction we want to go."

(On how he feels about the skirmishes that happened in practice): "I like the attitude, the competitiveness. We have to keep it under control, be smart. That’s the kind of energy you like."