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Single-Game Tickets to Browns Opener Sell Out in 28 Minutes

If you wanted tickets to the Cleveland Browns' home opener against the Miami Dolphins to kick off the regular season, you needed to act fast. Single-game tickets went on sale Tuesday, and according to the Browns, they sold out the Week 1 contest against the Dolphins in just 28 minutes. A little bit later in the day, the Browns sold out of single-game tickets for the late-November game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Fans can still get tickets to the Dolphins or Steelers game by purchasing season ticket packages. Here is another positive sign for the Browns' savvy business people and sales teams that have been implemented:

Single-game tickets against the Bengals, Bills, Lions, Ravens, Jaguars, and Bears, all of which are regular season home games, are still available, as of this posting. Did any fans at DBN purchase any tickets today? If so, to which games?