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Dawgs By Nature Radio: Episode Three

The third episode of Dawgs By Nature Radio aired this past Tuesday night. Matt Wood hosted the show and started things off by discussing Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam. He was soon joined by Betsy Morris of the Wall Street Journal. She was one of the two authors who contributed to the WSJ article on debt that Haslam's company, Pilot Flying J, is facing, and came on to discuss the severity of the issues the company is facing and what it could mean for the Browns. (Secret tip: if you're not a subscribed to WSJ, search for the article on Google News, click the headline, and then you can see it for free).

After Morris was finished, Mike Krupka joined the show to discuss the generous grades he gave to the Browns' front office members and free agent acquisitions this offseason.

Lastly, Matt closed out the show by naming his top 15 quarterbacks (in the next five years), as well as which quarterbacks in the present day NFL he would swap for Brandon Weeden is he had the chance to do so.

Listen below and let us know any feedback you have about this week's show? Are there other topics you'd like to hear discussed? Remember that DBN Radio will be back on the air LIVE! next Tuesday at 7 PM EST, and we're looking for our users to call in! If you want to be on, let us know in advance and we can help you prepare for a topic to discuss, rather than you having to improvise if you're not comfortable with that.

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