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Browns Uniforms Losing in Tournament to Ravens & Steelers

Mike Lawrie

For the past few days, has been running a tournament poll on the best uniforms in NFL history. The first round kicked off with current teams facing off in parts of the bracket, while other parts of the bracket included "throwback" jerseys competing against each other.

The current Browns are competing against the Ravens, and are losing by a large margin -- they have 24,000 votes compared to the Ravens' 52,000 votes. As for the throwback jerseys, the 1975-1983 Browns are losing to the 1933 Steelers. The Browns have 19,500 votes compared to the Steelers' 26,300 votes. The first-round voting ends on Friday, July 5th at 5:00 PM EST, so if you want to rally the troops together to overtake either of our AFC North foes, there's still some time to do so!

ESPN Cleveland's Tony Grossi noted that the Browns may be undergoing a uniform change prior to the 2015 NFL Draft, after marketing research is done by the NFL and NIKE. One small change will come this year when the Al Lerner patch, which has been on the uniforms since 2002, will be removed.