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Cleveland Browns Training Camp 2013: WR Preview (The Undrafted Players)


In Part 3 of our training camp preview on wide receivers for the Cleveland Browns, we take a look at the undrafted free agents: Cordell Robertson, Keenan Davis, Dominique Croom, and Mike Edwards. Part 1 and Part 2 of our preview are in the preceding links.


8276_mediumCordell Roberson (#83)

6-4 | Weight: 205
Age: 22 | Experience: Rookie
College: Stephen F. Austin

Note: Scouted by Scott Turner prior to the draft...good size...candidate for the practice squad.

In terms of jersey names, I can see some people, including myself, getting WR Cordell Roberson and LB Craig Robertson confused for a second. Both of their jersey numbers end with a "3," both guys are fairly big, and both guys played college ball in the state of Texas. If you haven't noticed, when you get to some of these undrafted free agents, I have to really stretch for storylines.

Another relative oddity is the fact that rookie undrafted free agent Josh Aubrey, a defensive back, is also on the Browns' roster. Anyway, let's get back to Roberson: he is the tallest guy among the undrafted free agents, which could put him in contention to be "the tall guy" if David Nelson doesn't work out and Tori Gurley doesn't impress.

At the end of March, Browns receivers coach Scott Turner personally went and scouted Roberson, who had a good workout that day, according to Gil Brandt. Even if Roberson isn't much of a final roster candidate, he's the favorite to get some looks with Brian Hoyer and the third-team, and could land a spot on the practice squad.

Final Roster Odds: 1%
Practice Squad Odds: 50%


8276_mediumKeenan Davis (#16)

6-2 | Weight: 220
Age: 22 | Experience: Rookie
College: Iowa

Note: Another guy with some author really gave him a lot of praise.

The scouting report for Keenan Davis reminds me of the one on Tori Gurley: he has some size, but isn't the quickest guy and doesn't have the best hands.

If you are really interested in over-hyping Davis' potential, though, someone named Matt Waldman wrote an article back in April about Davis. Waldman explains why he thinks we're "looking at a player who can not only can make an NFL team and contribute in four- or five-receiver sets early in his career, but he has the upside to develop into a starter on the outside."

I'm not going to say that's not going to happen -- I mean, heck, this is how guys like Davone Bess, David Nelson, Jordan Norwood, and Josh Cooper make it in the NFL: by starting out as undrafted free agents. Could Davis be the league's next unknown to rise to the occasion?

Final Roster Odds: <1%
Practice Squad Odds: 30%


8276_mediumDominique Croom (#89)

6-2 | Weight: 190
Age: 22 | Experience: Rookie
College: Central Arkansas

Note: Has some height, but more on the thin side...can do a good job tracking the ball and catching in traffic.

In the very little scouting that DBN's Mike Krupka was able to do on Dominique Croom, he evaluated that Croom, "seems to be another smaller type WR that does well tracking the ball in traffic, catching with his hands and shows athletic ability and body control."

There's not much else to go on with Croom at the moment. As a senior at Arkansas State, he caught 53 passes for 711 yards and eight touchdowns. He might be the first player in the expansion era to have the the first name "Dominique" or the last name "Croom." Yep, grasping for straws here. Maybe we can try to get an interview with some of these undrafted free agents.

Final Roster Odds: <1%
Practice Squad Odds: 10%


8276_mediumMike Edwards (#86)

5-11 | Weight: 200
Age: 23 | Experience: Rookie
College: UTEP

Note: Put up some decent stats in college...smallest of the UDFAs...slot receiver candidate.

There was some confusion when the Browns signed Mike Edwards, because prior to the draft, the team conducted a workout with cornerback Mike Edwards from Glenville High School. The Edwards who Cleveland signed is a completely different person and plays the wide receiver position.

Once again, I'll defer to Krupka's brief evaluation of Edwards: "You see a play-maker type that matches the productions numbers from his two seasons at UTEP: 101 receptions for 1,477 yards and 11 touchdowns." Krupka also added that he sees Davis factoring into the developmental, slot receiver role.

Final Roster Odds: <1%
Practice Squad Odds: 10%

That concludes our previews on the wide receivers -- next up, we'll focus on the tight ends. Today's poll asks which of these undrafted free agent receivers you would like to see on the practice squad.