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Hensley: Browns and the AFC North Teams Fared Well Against Long Passes in 2012

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ESPN's Jamison Hensley wrote a piece on Thursday that explained how effective teams in the AFC North were in 2012 at stopping opposing teams from connecting on passes traveling 30 yards or more. All four teams in the AFC North were among the top seven in the NFL in that category. The Steelers were 1st in the NFL, not allowing a single completion over 30 yards, while the Browns were 3rd in the NFL, only allowing 5-of-29 attempts to be completed (3 of which were touchdowns).

There were four plays I could identify going for 30+ yards in the air for touchdowns against the Browns in 2012, despite the claim of there only being three. My guess is that even though the language used was "through the air," that the starting yardage of the pass was taken from the line of scrimmage, up until where they caught it. In that case, the Week 2 clip against the Bengals would fall just shy of 30 yards. Nonetheless, here are the plays:

  • Week 2, Brandon Tate of the Bengals (Video)
  • Week 6, A.J. Green of the Bengals (Video)
  • Week 13, Rod Streater of the Raiders (Video)
  • Week 15, Leonard Hankerson of the Redskins (Video)

The Browns still need to identify a starting cornerback in training camp after letting Sheldon Brown remain a free agent this offseason.