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Cleveland Browns Caption Contest (7/6): Rookie Symposium #3


Congratulations to DBN member Ted Washington's Belly for winning our previous caption contest. The results for our thirteenth caption contest of the season are listed below.

Tonight, our caption contest features offensive tackle Luke Joeckel, who was taken by the Jacksonville Jaguars in this year's draft, throwing a pass at the NFL Rookie Symposium in Berea. Remember to "rec" the captions you find to be the most fitting.


Previous Contest Results:

Winner: Kid: 'I’m sorry I’m not better at football, Zeke, I’ve only been playing for a couple years.'
Ansah: 'Me too...and I’m in the NFL.'
-Ted Washington's Belly

Runner-Up: "Kid, the event’s over. Go home. ARE YOU TOO GOOD FOR YOUR HOME?!?! ANSWER ME!!!!!" -Gabe Durrant