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DBN Radio 7 PM EST Tonight: Top 15 Browns Over the Next 5 Years, Haslam on Not Selling

Tonight, July 9th, Episode 4 of DBN Radio goes LIVE at 7 PM EST. Make sure you tune in a couple of minutes early so that you can participate in the chat room discussion on the streaming page. All of the information you need to know about tonight's show is listed below:

Click Here to Listen LIVE at 7 PM EST

Want to Ask a Question or Leave an Opinion?

  1. Call In: 347-838-9742 to listen, and then press '1' to have your call screened.
  2. Tweet: Send us a tweet with the hashtag #DBNRadio
  3. Email: Send us questions before the show at
  4. Chat: Use the chat room at the bottom of the DBN Radio page.

Topics to be Covered on Today's Show:

  1. Matt will pick up once again with everybody's favorite topic, Jimmy Haslam and the Browns! This week, Haslam announced that he will not sell the Browns. (Any of our lawyers on DBN, feel free to call in during this segment!) Being the cynic that he is, Matt will tell you why he doesn't buy it, and also ponder if this could ever get to a point where it turns off fans to the franchise.

  2. Last week, the top 15 quarterbacks for the next five years were discussed on the show. This week, the topic involves the top 15 Cleveland Browns over the next five years. Each of the guys will give you their list -- will the 29-year-old Brandon Weeden be too old to be taken into consideration?

  3. We'll also touch on a few other topics here and there, such as Browns merchandise you regret purchasing and a note about Thursday's supplemental draft. Feel free to call in to share your thoughts.

Matt Wood will host this week's show and will be joined by Josh Finney and rufio. We're still waiting for more participation from the community, so think of something to call in about so you can jump in to a conversation! It all starts at 7 PM EST tonight!