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Dawgs By Nature Radio: Episode Eight (Kosar Wrap-Up, Previewing the Lions)

The eighth episode of Dawgs By Nature Radio aired this past Tuesday night. Matt Wood returned to action for the first time in a couple of weeks and was joined by Jon Stinchcomb.

The guys started off by wrapping up the Bernie Kosar situation, including whether Joe Banner was wrong for the statement he released, and whether Peter King's apology buries the hatchet enough. Then, things shifted to how the players performed against the St. Louis Rams during the first preseason game.

An impromptu topic that game up was head coach Rob Chudzinski not naming QB Brandon Weeden the starter yet. The guys talked about whether that was a big deal or not, and pwndabear even called up to weigh in with his thoughts on Weeden! All this time, I thought pwndabear only cared about beer -- he actually does talk Browns too!

Other topics included a preview of this week's game against the Detroit Lions, and some fantasy football advice from Jon.

Listen below and let us know any feedback you have about this week's show. Are there certain topics you'd like to hear discussed next week? Remember that DBN Radio will be back on the air LIVE! next Tuesday at 7 PM EST, so mark your calendars!

Download the .MP3 of this episode, or listen below.