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Dawgs By Nature Fantasy Football League 2013

It's time to announce the Official 2013 Dawgs By Nature Fantasy Football League! This will be the sixth year that we are hosting a fantasy football league, and it will once again be as a partnership with Yahoo Sports.

Back in the day, we used to select from a random group of community members to determine who would be able to join the league. Over time, things have shifted toward the official league being comprised of staff members and a few select other individuals. The benefit, though, is that you guys can create your own DBN-related fantasy leagues!

The unofficial league already rounded up members for their league, and I think we had four leagues in total last year. So, just because you are not in either of these two leagues does not mean you can't play with other Browns fans!

Anyway, back to the official league -- there will be 12 teams, and the staff members confirmed include:

  1. Chris Pokorny
  2. Matt Wood
  3. rufio
  4. Mike Krupka
  5. Zach Miller
  6. notthatnoise
  7. mooncamping -- that's right, he's going to give it a shot for the first time ever!

We'd also like to extend invitations to the two users who competed in our DBN Championship last year, DaveDawg09 and Dawg Nuts, as well as Les Fleurs Du Mal, to join us again, bringing our member total to 10 players. Therefore, there are two open spots. We'd like to reward some of our long-standing, loyal DBN members with those spots, so if you're interested in them, let us know in the comments section and we'll discuss who should join us this year.

Also use the comments section to start brainstorming who can manage and join other DBN fantasy leagues. If you want to create your own fantasy football league on Yahoo, you can do so by clicking here.