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Local Reporter Tells Pat Kirwan that Cleveland Browns' Phil Taylor Isn't Good and Should be Released

Phil Taylor stares down the local reporters as he walks onto the practice field.
Phil Taylor stares down the local reporters as he walks onto the practice field.

August 2nd, 2013, 1:58 PM. What is so special about that date and time? It is at that point that I realized that someone in the local media has one of the most absurd opinions I have ever heard about a member of the Cleveland Browns. What happened? Let's go into detail:

On Thursday, Pat Kirwan of CBS Sports visited Browns training camp as part of his Sirius XM Radio show. Earlier today, he published a very level-headed, insightful, and fair report on what he saw from the Browns. I will discuss a few of Kirwan's other points later today, but for now, I have to highlight the part where he talked about NT Phil Taylor:

9. DT Phil Taylor was almost impossible to pass block during the drills and team period. What was interesting was a comment made to me before practice by a local reporter, who said Taylor wasn't very good and the team should release him. There was nothing at practice to indicate that was a sound idea.


This isn't like saying, "I think Shawn Lauvao will be a surprise roster cut, with Jason Pinkston or Garrett Gilkey filling in." How can a person covering the Browns say that Taylor, who is ready to be in the prime of his career and has the potential to be exactly the type of nose tackle Ray Horton could want in a 3-4 defense, say that the guy isn't any good and should be released? Besides maybe Joe Thomas and Joe Haden, some would say that Taylor is the most important player on this team. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but there is also a thing called, "having a clue about what you are talking about."

First off, props to Kirwan for shooting down the idea and not giving the local reporter any credit for his assessment. Second, I'm really curious to know which local reporter made this bizarre comment. A few local reporters on Twitter have already poked fun at whoever the reporter may be:

I am not accusing anyone, but here is a list of the other local reporters/columnists:

  • Plain Dealer: Mary Kay Cabot, Tom Reed, Terry Pluto
  • Akron Beacon Journal: Nate Ulrich
  • ESPN Cleveland: Tony Grossi
  • 92.3 The Fan: Keith Britton
  • Canton Repository: Steve Doerschuk
  • Chronicle-Telegram: Scott Petrak
  • News-Herald: Jeff Schudel
  • Tribune Chronicle: Michael McLain
  • The OBR: Lane Adkins, Fred Greetham
  • WTAM: Andre Knott

It's possible that somebody else is the culprit, but these are the people who are regularly at camp as part of the media. I did not include newscasters or radio personalities, so you could also throw people like Dave Chudkowsky, Mike Cairns, Adam the Bull, Dustin Fox, etc. into the mix as well.

Some people would be quick to jump on the Tony Grossi bandwagon to say he is responsible for saying this. Here is a tweet from back in February:

Perhaps Grossi is keeping a secret agenda hidden, but if he were the culprit, I think his response to the fan's question would have been worded much differently.

Fans online are buzzing about the comment -- not that they are concerned at all about Taylor's roster security, but in confusion about how someone could boast about such an opinion. Who do you guys think is the culprit? Does anyone feel like pushing for some more detective work?