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Rob Chudzinski News Conference: Day 8 of Browns Training Camp

Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

Cleveland Browns head coach Rob Chudzinski met with the media following the team's eighth day of training camp on Friday. Chudzinski talked about what he hopes to accomplish Saturday night, what is happening at offensive guard, Mike Holmgren at camp, and more. The transcript is organized by topic below, or you can watch the news conference here.

Our Day 8 report on what happened at camp is here.

Richardson Out & Other Injuries

Opening statement: "Let's start with injuries, we held Trent (Richardson out of practice) today. It looks like yesterday he got kicked so we decided to hold him out. He should be okay. We feel good about it. We are not worried about it. It is part of the plan we have for him. We will continue to keep him healthy and rested and get him ready for the season. A few other guys were able to get back to practice, as well."

On where Richardson was kicked: "He was kicked in the shin it looked like."

On if it was to the same leg that he sustained an injury to this past summer: "Yes."

On if Richardson will be able to participate in tomorrow night’s practice at FirstEnergy Stadium: "We will just have to see day today. If he had to, he could have practice or played today."

On Montario Hardesty’s status: "He has a hamstring tendon."

On Trevin Wade’s and Brad Smelley’s status: "Brad has a hamstring and Trevin is just a little bit tight so we held him today."

On David Nelson’s status: "It is going to be a day-to-day. He feels better and got better today."

What Will be Accomplished at Family Fun Night

On what he hopes to accomplish during Family Night: "It is a culmination of these four days. We're going to treat it like it is a regular practice. We will work situations in that. We will have pads on again. I've really been pleased with the last two days of work, yesterday and then we followed up today. We did not have pads on today but we worked a lot of situations, two-minute drills and Red Zone situations. The execution has been much better. It has really improved. I've been pleased with that. The guys are focused and coming out here to practice with a purpose."

On if the team will wear full pads tomorrow: "Yes we will."

On how excited he is to see the players at the stadium: "We have tried to do everything we can to recreate those situations out here on the practice field. We will try to do that in the stadium tomorrow, as well, early on in the practice and also in the preseason games. Getting those guys into as many of those types of situations so we can assess them is the goal."

On dividing playing time during the preseason: "It is to be determined. Some of it will depend on individuals. Some guys may play a little bit longer than others in the first group. We will sit down and decide that as we get closer. We will certainly make sure we know who is going to play in all of our positions."

On if it would be a disruption to do live drills during Family Night: "It’s not a disruption. The plan is the plan. We have a game on Thursday. It’s a little different than the typical Saturday night practice that you might do that’s a week before the game, where you have more time. We have some things we have to make sure we get installed. That’s the priority. We will get plenty of good work done. Our guys will be excited and fired up. Our fans will get a good show tomorrow."

On his hopes for the atmosphere tomorrow night: "I hope it’s electric down there and we get a great turnout. The fans will get a good chance to see our guys and what we’re working on. It’ll be a lot of fun as well."

On if the change of scenery will help motivate the players: "It will energize our guys. One of the reasons we took the pads off today was for them to be fresh for tomorrow and be excited to go out there."

Mike Holmgren Showing Up at Practice

On Mike Holmgren being at practice: "I didn't get a chance to say hello to him. He was on this end of the field and I was down doing some things at practice. By the time I got down there, he was gone. Obviously, he had great success in this league. He was a great coach. He is certainly somebody to look up to in terms of the success that he has had and the things that he has been able to do with different teams."

On if he has studied Holmgren’s system: "I am a studier of all systems and all successful systems. Watching tape from him and his teams in the past. I have done a lot of that, as well. Really anybody that has success in this league you like watching and seeing what those things are that brings out that success."

Figuring Out the Offensive Line Situation

On who will play at left guard, right guard and center: "We haven't decided 100 percent on that. We will get into the preseason games and that will ultimately decide the outcome. We want to make sure that we're getting plenty of center reps for both John (Greco) and Shawn (Lauvao), as well as giving (Jason) Pinkston a chance to work with the ones."

On Greco, Lauvao and Pinkston: "All of them have shown and done a good job out here. It’s a good competition. They all have experience so they understand what they need to do. It is really close. It is a tight competition. What we really wanted and focused on in the first two weeks is letting those guys hone in on a couple positions, whereas in the spring, we were rotating them almost every play and rotating them around quite a bit. We want to give them a day at each position and be able to work that way."

On Mitchell Schwartz: "Last year I saw a guy that was a young player. He had some good plays and some bad plays. He has grown and improved. Technique-wise, he has really been working at that in this camp so far. He really good battles going on as our tackles do with those outside linebackers. That is the thing that you love seeing is that kind of competition because it makes guys better. I really think he is benefiting from the guys he is going against in Jabaal (Sheard) and (Paul) Kruger, and he is getting some reps with (Barkevious) Mingo. I am really looking for to him continuing to improve."

On Joe Thomas: "He’s had a solid camp. Everything you would expect. Everything I knew Joe to be, he still is, and better. He’s a key guy for a lot of reasons. Not just for the position he plays, which is paramount to success to an offense, but also from a standpoint of leadership and how he has grown as a leader and being more vocal than I have ever known him from before."

Phil Taylor & Alex Mack Getting Into It Again

On Phil Taylor and Alex Mack getting into it with each other: "It’s the middle of training camp. They are tired of going against each other every day. They have a good competition. Going back to what I was just talking about, that makes everybody better. Those two guys are going at it and we’re hoping they are going to be outstanding players for us. Obviously, we are going to be smart, but that’s the kind of competition you want."

Chris Tabor Taking the Kickers to the Stadiums

On if Chris Tabor has addressed kicking in the stadium with his players: "We have. Every chance that we had Chris has gone down to the stadium and kicked with those guys. They had the opportunity to do that throughout training camp, especially early in training camp, and then even in the springtime when we had time."

Some Reporter is a Justin Staples Fan?

On Justin Staples catching his eye: "He has. He is a versatile guy. He has done a really nice job on special teams. He is playing outside linebacker, and he is getting some snaps at inside linebacker, as well."

On how Justin Staples looks in camp: "He’s done a great job in camp so far. He’s made a lot of plays. He’s getting open and creating separation. He’s really been a pleasant surprise out here."

Loose Ends - Josh Gordon, Red Zone Offense, and Jason Campbell

On working Josh Gordon back into the wide receivers’ rotation: "It is part of the rotation that we want to do to give a lot of our guys reps at that spot."

On what he saw from the Red Zone offense: "Like I talked about before, because the area is so condensed, the timing has to quicker. The windows are smaller for the throws. A lot of times for the first time or two, you are not oiled up in terms of those things. I thought the execution today was a lot better in terms of that."

On Jason Campbell looking sharp at the end of practice today: "All the guys looked much sharper today in the Red Zone. The balls out quicker, they understand now that they’ve seen the plays a few times, understand where they have to go and how quick those decisions have to be made."