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DBN Radio: The Shakeup at WKNR, Browns Roster Decisions Looming

Dawgs By Nature Radio is back tonight, August 20th, for Episode 9! The action goes LIVE at 7 PM EST. Matt Wood will host this week, and he'll be joined by Josh Finney and Mike Krupka. All of the information you need to know about tonight's show is listed below:

Click Here to Listen LIVE at 7 PM EST

Want to Ask a Question or Leave an Opinion?

  1. Call In: 347-838-9742 to listen, and then press '1' to have your call screened.
  2. Tweet: Send us a tweet with the hashtag #DBNRadio
  3. Email: Send us questions before the show at
  4. Chat: Use the chat room at the bottom of the DBN Radio page.

Topics to be Covered on Today's Show:

  1. The breaking news earlier today involved sports radio: over at WKNR 850, Will Burge, T.J. Zuppe, Kenny Roda, and Michael Reghi were all fired. Twitter has been buzzing all day about this, and Josh and Mike will weigh in on the situation, while Matt will try to offer a little perspective since he works in the radio industry.

  2. How did the Steelers look last night in prime time against the Redskins? Could their situation be worse than anyone imagined?

  3. Roster cuts are coming soon, and injuries will hurt some of the bubble players' chances at making the roster. Which bubble players do have a shot at making it, and could a guy like Armonty Bryant end up on the practice squad? Do we really care if another team poaches him?

  4. Grab bag topics may include the "official" announcement of Brandon Weeden being named the starter, what to expect against Indianapolis this Saturday, the acquisition of OG John Moffitt,