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Browns' Trade for OG John Moffitt Has Been Voided

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Just as quickly as the Cleveland Browns appeared to have patched up their situation at offensive guard, we're back to having a rookie seventh-round pick penciled in as a starter to begin the season.

The Browns' trade with the Seattle Seahawks for OG John Moffitt was voided Monday evening due to health concerns. According to a Seattle report, Moffitt failed his physical with Cleveland due to knee issues. Since the trade was voided, DE Brian Sanford was returned to the Browns' roster. I mean, earlier today, had a video up discussing the arrival of Moffitt. That video has since been purged from the site. The official site had tweeted about him "being excited about competing for a starting role" as he was interviewed by the media in the locker room:

Upon returning to Seattle, Moffitt was dealt to the Denver Broncos for a different defensive lineman.

What does this mean for the Browns? Originally, I thought the team was intrigued by Moffitt's long-term use, since he was under contract through 2014. Now, I believe they were only interested in his services for those first couple of games, and if his knee is a concern right now, they'd rather stick with the healthy rookie in Garrett Gilkey or bring in someone else once cuts are made around the NFL.