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Official DBN Fantasy League is Set; Time for You to Join Other DBN Leagues!

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Congratulations to the individuals who were invited to participate in the Official DBN Fantasy Football League for 2013! This year's participants include:

  1. Chris Pokorny
  2. rufio
  3. Matt Wood
  4. Mike Krupka
  5. Zach Miller
  6. notthatnoise
  7. mooncamping
  8. DaveDawg09
  9. Dawg Nuts
  10. Les Fleurs Du Mal
  11. TheDriveStillHurts
  12. chitown browns fan

If you did not get into the official league, you can still play in some DBN-related leagues! The unofficial league is already full, but The Rebel League is up and actively looking for members. We are looking for a fourth commish too who is willing to set up another DBN league on Yahoo and rally up some members to participate.