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Dawgs By Nature Radio: Episode Nine

The ninth episode of Dawgs By Nature Radio aired this past Tuesday night. Matt Wood hosted and was joined by Josh Finney and Mike Krupka.

Breaking news seems to happen when DBN Radio is on the air, and Tuesday was no different, as the voiding of the John Moffitt trade had just broken. The guys discussed the Browns' offensive guard situation and the fact that we're probably not done looking.

Other topics included the shake-up that took place at WKNR (including Matt's take as an industry expert), how god-awful the Pittsburgh Steelers looked against the Washington Redskins, what to look forward to as the Browns take on the Indianapolis Colts this week, Brandon Weeden being officially named the team's starting quarterback, and more.

Listen to the show below, and BE SURE TO TUNE IN NEXT WEEK! Next week is our season preview show, where a lot of the DBN Staff will be on air to discuss their predictions for the 2013 season.

Download the .MP3 of this episode, or listen below.