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Mohamed Massaquoi Signs With Jets, Seneca Wallace Signs With 49ers

Massaquoi faced the Jets last week. Now he's on their team.
Massaquoi faced the Jets last week. Now he's on their team.
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

It always seems a bit unusual when a few select teams in the league seem to load up on former members of the Cleveland Browns, even though they typically don't amount to very much in terms of production. Several years ago, we saw it in Denver with their defensive line. In 2013, though, the New York Jets and the San Francisco 49ers are the teams claiming their stake of former Browns.

Let's start with the Jets. Earlier this offseason, they added WR Braylon Edwards and TE Kellen Winslow to their group of receivers. After the Jaguars released WR Mohamed Massaquoi the other day, the Jets went ahead and signed him, putting three former Cleveland receivers in New York. Massaquoi never actually crossed paths with Winslow in Cleveland, and he only played with Edwards for a few games before he was dealt to the New York Jets. Still, the trio looks remarkably familiar to Cleveland fans.

In an interesting twist, though, Jets fans are wondering if the addition of Massaquoi could soon spell the end for Edwards in New York:

I'm leaning towards [the Jets cutting] Braylon Edwards, who has had a rough camp. I say rough because he's played almost exclusively with the second and third string, and played a lot of snaps as well, which usually isn't a good sign for a veteran. Unless a team is looking to see what a player can do (we know what Edwards can do), it's often a sign that the person is just fodder. Edwards has also been on a pitch count, and hasn't practiced in four days due to being on this "pitch count." Maybe they'll cut someone else, a rookie perhaps, but he seems to be the odd man out, with a new veteran stepping in.

Shifting our attention to the 49ers, how funny is it to see that they have signed QB Seneca Wallace? The veteran quarterback was just released by the Saints, but now he will compete with -- get this -- Colt McCoy to see who will be the 49ers' backup. McCoy hasn't been very impressive in the preseason so far, and 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh reportedly took the advice of consultant Eric Mangini in signing Wallace. 49ers fans don't sound too thrilled with their backup situation in general. Regarding former Browns, the 49ers also have K Phil Dawson, S Ray Ventrone, and CB Eric Wright on their roster.

Another team with a couple of former Browns is the Oakland Raiders, who have LB Kaluka Maiava and WR Joshua Cribbs. Maiava seems to have been hurt for all of camp, while Cribbs has been labeled as looking "slow."