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Browns vs. Colts Final Score: Cleveland loses to Indianapolis, 27 - 6

The Browns struggled to get it going on offense tonight and Brandon Weeden looked nothing like the Brandon Weeden from the previous two games, while Andrew Luck looked every bit the franchise QB he's been billed to be and showed last year.

Andrew Luck is able to pick apart the Browns secondary and "hang loose" in the pocket.
Andrew Luck is able to pick apart the Browns secondary and "hang loose" in the pocket.
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

First Quarter

Indianapolis started the game with the ball and drove 5o yards to the Cleveland 14 yard line where they kicked a field goal to go up 3 - 0. After a couple good runs and catches by Trent Richardson early on in the Browns opening drive, we failed to convert on 3rd and 13 and punted it away. The rest of the first quarter was quiet for the Browns offense and it's safe to say that the Browns offense really struggled in the first half. The defense, however, managed to force a punt to get the ball back just before the end of the first quarter.

Second Quarter

After failing to move the ball down the field on the opening drive of the 2nd quarter, the Browns punted and the Colts responded. Andrew Luck took the Colt 66 yards for the score on a TD toss to the FB on their opening drive of the second quarter. The Browns responded on defense by bending but not breaking the rest of the quarter. Tashon Gipson showed great hands and intercepted a tipped pass in the red zone with the Colts knocking on the door. The bad news was that the offense didn't threaten the Colts defense at all, finishing the 2nd quarter with 3 consecutive 3 and outs and going into the locker room down 10 - 0.

Third Quarter

Brandon Weeden came back out to play the first two drives of the 3rd quarter. The first drive was a 3 and then Luck took over again. Luck drove the Colts 50 yards down the field and connected with TY Hilton in the end zone for a touchdown, taking the score to 17 - 0. Luck then then hung it up after picking apart the Browns secondary all night. Weeden came out on what would be his final drive and managing to lead the team down for a field goal, with the score now at 17 - 3. Matt Hasslebeck then came in to replace Luck and Jason Campbell was called in to replace Weeden. Eventually, Hasslebeck led the Colts down to kick a field goal at the end of the quarter, and push the score to 20 - 3.

Forth Quarter

Cleveland recovers a fumble with about 9 minutes left in the game and is able to drive 70 yards but only to come away with another field goal, with the score now 20 - 6. Shane Graham attempts an onside kick and it's recovered by Craig Robertson on the 47 yard line! Brian Hoyer gets the nod at this point and his first pass is intercepted by Larry Asante who returns it for a "pick 6" with the score now 27 - 6, Colts. This ends up being the final score of the game.