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Analyzing the Snap Counts in Browns vs. Colts (Offense)

Looking at the offensive snap counts in the Browns' 27-6 loss to the Lions.

Andy Lyons

Most of the Cleveland Browns' starters played one full half against the Indianapolis Colts. The first-team offense did play two series in the third quarter, so the lower guys on the depth chart had less reps than the previous weeks, or for some players, no reps at all.


Pos Player Plays % Stats
QB Brandon Weeden 39 59% 12-of-25 for 105 yards. 1 carry, 5 yards.
QB Jason Campbell 23 35% 8-of-14 for 112 yards.
QB Brian Hoyer 4 6% 2-of-4 for 11 yards, 1 INT.

All three of the quarterbacks had their share of struggles against the Colts. Even though Weeden appeared to be telegraphing some of his passes, he still made some sharp throws that his receivers need to do a better job of hauling in. Hoyer threw a pick six on his first pass.

This is a game that you want to sweep under the rug mentally, but it's also good for these guys to experience a defense that they struggled against in the preseason, so they can evaluate what to do differently against a similar defense in the regular season/

Running Back

Pos Player Plays % Stats
FB Chris Ogbonnaya 25 38% 1 carry, 4 yards, 4.0 avg. 1 catch, 5 yards (1 target).
RB Jamaine Cook 23 35% 2 carries, 11 yards, 5.5 avg. 3 catches, 24 yards (3 targets).
RB Trent Richardson 15 23% 7 carries, 31 yards, 4.4 avg. 1 catch, 10 yards (1 target).
RB Brandon Jackson 11 17% 5 carries, 8 yards, 1.6 avg. 0 catches (1 target).
FB Owen Marecic 4 6% 1 catch, 15 yards, 1 apocalypse (1 target).

The first-team offense was at its best on Saturday when Richardson was in the game. He was worked heavily early on, but then gave way to Jackson. Jackson can't find much room to run behind our offensive line it seems, which helps open the door for Hardesty in a couple of weeks.

Cook looked more explosive than Maysonet in limited reps against the Colts. Maysonet only saw two reps on special teams, do that doesn't look good for him staying around much longer. It's sad for the offense that Marecic's catch, rollover, and run was the most memorable play of the game.

Wide Receiver

Pos Player Plays % Stats
WR Greg Little 38 58% 3 catches, 28 yards (6 targets). 1 fumble lost.
WR Josh Gordon 34 52% 2 catches, 24 yards (5 targets).
WR Josh Cooper 24 36% 2 catches, 16 yards (4 targets).
WR Dominique Croom 18 27% 1 catch, 25 yards (1 target).
WR Cordell Roberson 17 26% 2 catches, 34 yards (4 targets).
WR Mike Edwards 15 23% 1 catch, 16 yards (4 targets).
WR Travis Benjamin 13 20% No stats registered.

The receivers struggled all around against the Colts, and part of that was due to great coverage. Little caught a third-down pass, but was stripped for Cleveland's first offensive turnover of the preseason. Gordon dropped a third-down pass. Roberson had a couple of miscues just after he was starting to get praised.

Bess didn't play, which means Cooper saw action in the slot. Norwood and Nelson were also out with injuries. The lone healthy receiver who didn't see any reps was Gurley. Gurley made a big hit on special teams, but is likely out of a roster spot soon.

Tight End

Pos Player Plays % Stats
TE Jordan Cameron 37 56% 2 catches, 7 yards (4 targets).
TE Kellen Davis 27 41% 2 catches, 9 yards (4 targets).
TE Brad Smelley 25 38% 1 catch, 15 yards (1 target).
TE Dan Gronkowski 4 6% 0 catches (1 target).

Poor Davis. The guy was absolutely wide open on two plays -- one from Weeden and one from Campbell -- only to see two god awful passes come his way that were impossible to catch. Gronkowski was buried on the depth chart again, so his time is coming to an end soon, as is Tannahill's, who only saw one play on special teams. Barnidge was out with his shoulder injury.

Offensive Line

Pos Player Plays %
OL Joe Thomas 39 59%
OL John Greco 39 59%
OL Alex Mack 39 59%
OL Mitchell Schwartz 39 59%
OL Garrett Gilkey 34 52%
OL Oniel Cousins 32 48%
OL Martin Wallace 27 41%
OL Jarrod Shaw 27 41%
OL Rashad Butler 27 41%
OL Caylin Hauptmann 27 41%

Thomas, Greco, Mack, and Schwartz all played with Weeden into the third quarter. Cousins and Gilkey split reps at the guard position. Besides right guard, the second-team offensive line played the rest of the game, meaning Cave, Adams, and Alford saw zero reps on offense. The offensive line yielded three sacks in total, all of which came from the second-team offense.

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