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Rob Chudzinski News Conference: Day 9 of Browns Training Camp

Cleveland Browns head coach Rob Chudzinski met with the media following the team's ninth day of training camp on Saturday. Chudzinski talked about the atmosphere at Family Fun Night, the chemistry between QB Brandon Weeden and WR Davone Bess, the offense not clicking, and more. The transcript is organized by topic below, or you can watch the news conference here.

Our Day 9 report on what happened at camp is here.

Opening Statement - What Was Accomplished Saturday Night

General: "How about that first-round draft pick Ryan Encinas scoring the winning touchdown tonight? It was great to be back in the stadium for me, personally. It’s been a little while and the energy was great out there. The fans were awesome. We had a great turnout. We are going to need them down the road. I have been pleased with the last four days of work. We’ve really made some improvements. We have to continue working on being consistent. There is time here and heading into this next week, getting a chance going into the preseason game and give the guys a chance to do it in a game situation. We try to simulate as many of those things these past four days, including tonight. Introducing a couple situations and exposing them to what we want to do in those situations during the games when they come up."

On whether the installing is finished: "It’s never really finished 100 percent. We will do a little bit on Monday from an install standpoint but the bulk of the install is in. There are ways to do things, even on a game week, that you may put in and adjust, but the bulk of the install is in."

Weeden Facing Pressure, and Chemistry With Davone Bess

On Brandon Weeden facing pressure in the pocket: "Just seeing it today, those guys were pretty amped up. They were getting after it. It’s good all around, the competition it’s creating and making us better up front on our offensive line, as well. To see those guys coming after you, that is what you are going to get in this league. So, you need to get used to it and the group that we have is applying that pressure."

On Brandon Weeden and Davone Bess: "Going back with Davone, what a great pickup for us and I couldn’t be more pleased with what he’s done both on the field and off the field, the example he sets and the leadership he’s shown. He’s able to get open on what seems like every play. I can’t be more pleased with him."

On seeing Greg Little working with Weeden after practice and if he would like to see Josh Gordon do that: "It’s an individual thing. We get a lot of reps for our guys during the course of practice. I’m extremely impressed with Greg Little, his work ethic and doing that after practice every day. Every day we do our press conference and in the background I’m watching him run his routes, Brandon throwing to him; those are the types of things we need. We need to be a hungry team. We don’t have a lot of marquee guys and marquee names, so we are going to have to be hungry. We are going to have to scrap for everything we get and work for everything we get. We will work to improve and continue that attitude."

The Competition at Kicker & Return Game

On seeing the kickers go head-to-head in the stadium: "It’s good. We have been trying to put them in situations like that in practice. Being able to do that in the stadium, the dueling-kickers theme we’ve had every other day. In some form or fashion we are trying to put them in those situations to create that type of pressure on them. Obviously, coming down here to the stadium in front of the fans was a good opportunity for them."

On how they will work the kickers in preseason games: "We’re going to talk about that going into this week, tomorrow. Monday, we will prep for exactly what we’re going to do plan-wise with them. You want to make sure they get enough kicks. That’s the key. Sometimes you lay out a plan in terms of one guy in one quarter and another guy in a half. You have to be careful because the opportunities don’t come up. So, we will lay out a plan to make sure they get the opportunities. It may be one game, it may be so many kicks in a game and it carries over in the next game. We will make sure they get opportunities."

On using a lot of different guys on punt return: "That is an area where we have a lot of different guys right now and we have to whittle it down. We are giving those guys all chances. They have to be able to catch it and do something with it. We’ll pair it down in these preseason games; we’ll get good opportunities for those guys to show us what they can do."

Offense Not Quite Clicking Yet

On defense playing the offense right now: "Well, typically this time of year, that is the case. It takes a little while for an offense to gel. All of the moving parts need to come together. In my experiences, you just keep working, you just keep pushing them, you keep putting them in the situations and it starts clicking. We haven’t gotten to that point where we’re clicking offensively, but it will come."

On lack on continuity from the offense: "It may be and can be. I think overall we have a lot of guys that are competing. We have a lot of different faces in the huddle. There are guys that we are trying to get reps to. With a few guys being out and injured, it takes time. It is not anything that is unusual and we will keep working through it. We are working to be more consistent."

On being concerned that the offense isn’t clicking: "Again, I think we are about where we typically are. A lot of times in training camp from an offensive standpoint you go into the game. Usually you are going to do some good things and you are going to do some things that are good coaching points that the guys can learn from. You work to keep improving throughout the preseason to get yourself ready to be ready to play."

Haden's Consistency, Mingo's Speed, and Robertson Flashing

On Joe Haden’s consistency: "I really couldn’t be more pleased with Joe. He comes to work on a mission to improve and get better every day. He has really taken to the coaching. Louie Cioffi and Bobby Babich have done a great job with him, and with that secondary in general. He is playing real focused football right now. Every day that he goes out there is seems like he is improving. He has been a play-maker."

On Barkeviious Mingo’s speed and moves: "He has got the athleticism and the speed. The experience of being a pass rusher will help. We will continue to work on his technique. But he is pretty quick coming off that edge."

On Craig Robertson flashing: "He’s flashing in a lot of different ways, his pass rush on pressures and he is able to cover. He is just playing really solid football right now."

Trent Richardson's Status for Rams Preseason Game

On if he has decided to continue to keep Trent Richardson out for Thursday’s preseason game: "I have not. We are going to work him back into practice on Monday and go from there."

Atmosphere in Front of Crowd & Excitement for First Game

On if this practice was different from the training facility because of the atmosphere: "Yes, it was good to get in front of the crowd and it was good to be out in the center stage, so to speak. That opportunity, especially for these younger guys and maybe a lot for guys that haven’t played a lot, is a good experience for them. It gets them a little bit more ready to go to a game and play on Thursday."

On thinking about the excitement of the first game: "Absolutely. It will be great. It was great coming out here. We haven’t been here in a long time, but the energy going through the tunnel and coming out that first minute was exciting. I went down to the dawg pound and hit a few high fives in there. The preseason game, the first one will be even more exciting. And as we get into preseason it will be that way as well, but I have a job to do at the same time."

Idea for the 5-Year Old Kid's Touchdown

On the idea for Ryan Encinas’ touchdown: "Actually my son came up with the idea. He had seen it on TV. I guess someone had done it in college and he came up and told my wife about it and she passed it on to me. He thought it would be a nice thing to do. Little Heroes had Ryan picked out to do it. I’m all for that. Anything we can do to help make somebody’s day better, I’m all for it."

On his son’s name: "Kaelan."