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Browns Re-Sign OL Dominic Alford, Waive LB Adrian Moten


The Cleveland Browns announced a minor roster move on Saturday. They re-signed OT Dominic Alford, who was with the team all offseason up until June 24, when they released him to help make room for FB Brock Bolen and LB Justin Cole. To make room for Alford, the Browns released LB Adrian Moten, who was signed by the Browns at the end of the 2012 season.

Why would the Browns re-sign Alford, you ask? Because they need to make sure they have enough offensive linemen for this Thursday's preseason game against the St. Louis Rams. The Browns have Alford labeled as an offensive tackle. Prior to signing Alford, the Browns had seven players listed at left tackle. Three of those players -- Chris Faulk, Oniel Cousins, and Ryan Miller -- are currently out with injuries. That left the Browns with two backups -- Rashad Butler and Martin Wallace. If one of them were to get hurt, you don't want to put Joe Thomas or Mitchell Schwartz back in the game. Having Alford available prevents that situation from happening.