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Rob Chudzinski News Conference: Day 12 of Browns Training Camp

Cleveland Browns head coach Rob Chudzinski met with the media following the team's twelfth day of training camp on Wednesday. Chudzinski talked about injuries that will keep players out against the Rams, RB Dion Lewis starting, rookie hazing, and more. The transcript is organized by topic below, or you can watch the news conference here.

Our Day 11 report on what happened at camp is here.

Opening Statement & Recapping Injuries

Opening statement: "Start out with a medical update, Shawn Lauvao will not play. He will be out for the game. Trent Richardson and T.J. Ward will also hold for the game. Those guys would be available to play normally, but since it’s the preseason, we are going to be smart with them. Obviously, it’s a good opportunity for us to get here and get a chance to play against somebody else, in which we have been waiting for and a chance to really assess, from a personnel standpoint and from a schemes standpoint of where we are."

On how the severity of Lauvao’s injury: "I don’t have any more details on that."

On the third guard Thursday night: "We will work Garrett Gilkey and Caylin Hauptmann, as well."

On Leon McFadden: "He pulled a groin yesterday, so he will be out as well."

On other injured players who have been sitting out not playing Thursday: "Right, they will be out as well."

On Leon McFadden not playing: "Hopefully we get him back soon enough and he will get his opportunity to show in the games what he can do."

Trent Richardson Not Playing, Dion Lewis Starting

On Dion Lewis starting at RB: "Dion and Chris Obgonnaya, those two guys. Depending on the situation you will see either or both of them in there at the same time."

On whether Trent Richardson took issue with not playing Thursday, and whether he would play if this were a regular-season game: "He understands. He would be able to play tomorrow, if need be."

On why Richardson will not be playing: "It’s a preseason game, we have a plan for that and making sure that he gets reps as needed out here in practice. We build him to be ready for the beginning of the season."

On whether he gave any consideration to playing Richardson because he didn’t play as a rookie in exhibition games: "Not based on last year, no."

On Richardson playing in other preseason games: "Yeah, we will just take it through from day-to-day. I want guys to prepare like they are going to play every game. We will make those determinations and let them know as it gets closer to the game."

On concern about Richarson’s durability: "No."

Alternating the Kickers

On how the kickers will alternate: "We’ll just alternate how they are kicking. Basically, about every other kick. We want to make sure we are getting them both snaps. If one guy is getting longer kicks and one guy is getting shorter kicks, we will try to balance it out. Generally, we are trying to alternate kickoffs and kicks."

Expectations for Weeden, and Campbell With First-Team Offensive Line

On what to expect from Brandon Weeden: "I think, overall as a team, I’m looking to see guys competing out there to win, seeing what they carry over from the practice field, and their execution and their efficiency to the game, ultimately the kind of effort and establishing the identity that we want to establish."

On whether starters will come off the field at a certain time, whether starters will play in the second quarter: "It’ll be at the time. Sometimes the offensive linemen work into it a little longer. Up front, mostly."

On Jason Campbell having a first-team offensive line: "He will have a few. We are thin right now at offensive line so we will manage as we can."

On the first group playing a solid first quarter: "Generally the first quarter; we will see how many reps each side of the ball get the first quarter and make the determination of when the drive ends. Generally, first quarterish."

Bademosi at SS, and Holding Back the Pass Rush

On Johnson Bademosi getting a lot of time at strong safety: "There is some overlap. Just because one guy is playing one position doesn’t mean he is not getting better at both positions. These reps have been real valuable for Johnson. He is getting good quality reps with the ones and the in the long run that is going to help him and help us."

On holding back on the pass rush for the preseason: "When you have new systems, you have to go out and play and do the things you want to do. You want to see your base packages in all areas and all phases. At the same time, there are some things that you want to make sure that you are keeping and holding back that you are going to do. We will be running our base things and see good execution of those base things."

Young Players' First Game and Rookie Hazing

On anticipation of seeing the young players in the stadium: "That’s the big thing. Going from the practice field to going to the games. The lights are on, there are more people in the stadium, and the fans are there. So, seeing their reactions and how guys handle that is a big part of this. Not just from knowing the scheme and the ability of doing it against someone else. Guys get used to seeing what they’re seeing from the guys they are going against. Now is a chance to see how they react to guys that they haven’t seen a lot of."

On his reaction to the rookie haircuts: "I know we have some bad barbers in the locker room, based on some of the haircuts I saw. As long as it’s positive and the guys embrace it, I’m all for that and have no problem with that."