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How Many People in Cleveland Watched the Browns' First Preseason Game?

Matt Sullivan

Even if it's just the preseason, a lot of fans get giddy about football starting back up again. Have you ever wondered just how many fans in a particular market watch their local team's first preseason game of the year?

There were six games in the NFL on Thursday. According to an article by SB Nation, out of the 11 cities of the teams in those games (Tampa Bay was blacked out), the WKYC viewing area in Cleveland was tied for the second-highest TV rating.

Rams vs. Browns TV Rating: 21.0/34

For those who don't know what that means, here is an explanation:

  • 21% of the people in the Cleveland market were watching the Browns last night
  • 34% of all TV's that were turned on in the Cleveland market last night were tuned in to the Browns

The next highest watched show last night in Cleveland was The Big Bang Theory; 4.6% of the people in Cleveland were watching that. The only city with a higher TV rating than Cleveland last night was Nashville. St. Louis had the lowest TV rating at 9.4/16.