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DBN Radio: Will Burge Talks About the Browns; Trent Richardson's Comments

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Dawgs By Nature Radio hit the airwaves last night, and boy was it spectacular. Matt Wood hosted the show and was joined by Will Burge and Dan Lalich.

If you don't know who Burge (@WillBurge) is, he is one of the young/edgy reporters covering the Cleveland Browns in the media. Up until recently, he was covering the Browns for ESPN Cleveland and was part of a daily radio show on WKNR. He was one of three people the station fired out of no where recently, but we're happy to say that Burge has landed a new gig at Bleacher Report, where he continues to cover the Browns.

Burge now has more free time to make the rounds on the local podcast circuit, and his appearance on DBN Radio was one you can't pass up listening to. Having followed the team all through training camp, he has some sources and a good pulse for what is going on in the organization. He also ripped on Jason La Canfora, which is fantastic.

Burge talked with Matt for the first half hour of the show, and then Dan joined teamed up with Matt for the second half hour of the show. Topics included the comments that Trent Richardson made following the game on Sunday, goats and game balls from the performance against Miami, and what to look forward to against the Ravens this week.

Let us know what you thought of the show in the comments section below. We're going to try to stick with our two-shows-a-week format, so our next broadcast is tentatively scheduled to be a post-game show again at 8 PM EST this Sunday.

Download the .mp3 of the show

Listen to the 9/10/13 episode on iTunes