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Browns Release Tori Gurley to Clear Room for Josh Gordon

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Jason Miller

The Cleveland Browns released wide receiver Tori Gurley from the 53-man roster on Tuesday, as well as wide receiver Arceto Clark from the practice squad.

Reading between the lines, Gurley was released to make room for wide receiver Josh Gordon, who will be activated from the suspension list on Wednesday. Gurley originally began the season on Cleveland's practice squad, but was promoted to the 53-man roster just before the team's first regular season game against the Miami Dolphins.

By waiving Gurley on Tuesday, the Browns hope to be able to re-sign him to the practice squad on Wednesday. Odds are, nobody else will claim Gurley, who had just one catch in two games, but did see playing time on offense ahead of Josh Cooper. Gordon is expected to step in immediately as the Browns' No. 1 receiver this week against the Minnesota Vikings, and everybody else will bump down a spot, hopefully seeing weaker or lesser coverage in the process.

As for who is throwing to the receivers on Sunday, we won't know the status of quarterback Brandon Weeden until Wednesday at the earliest. Weeden is dealing with a sprained thumb that forced him to leave late in the fourth quarter against the Ravens this past week.