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Fujita rips Trent Richardson's attitude and work ethic

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The national and local media reaction to the Trent Richardson trade continues to be varied and tempestuous. The national reaction was fairly balanced, pointing out that the Browns received excellent compensation for a back that has not yet performed to a lofty set of expectations and has been injured. The local media and fans have trashed the Browns for continuing to keep the engine in neutral, trading away a valuable asset mid-season and essentially "tanking" for the rest of the year.

Alex Trautwig

Scott Fujita chimed in at Fox Sports and offered his take, here.

This story will continue to provide a backdrop and contrast to the comments made by Mike Holmgren yesterday. Holmgren alleges that the Browns have traded their best player (harumph, Joe Thomas) and says that if he were in Rob Chudzinski's place, he would quit. You know he means what he says, because he quit on the Browns more quickly and for far less reason than a trade of a talent like Richardson.

Scott Fujita indirectly alludes to many behind the scene details in his column. Alabama players come into the league with a different set of expectations and backgrounds than typical NCAA players, and it appears Trent did not wholly commit himself to becoming the quality NFL back he is capable of being.

Browns fans may want to add this information to the formula they will use to evaluate the trade and judge whether Banner/Lombardi received adequate value for Trent Richardson. Trent had not yet lived up to the team's expectations or his own, and has battled injury concerns from the moment he was drafted. If his heart was not in the right place either and his grasp of the play book was suffering, it swings the 1st round pick received from Indy far more to the Browns favor.