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Rufio's Film Room: Browns Defense Through Two Games

Rufio breaks down some positive signs from the Cleveland Browns' defense through two games

Thearon W. Henderson

Browns fans, our defense has been outstanding through two weeks. We are #3 in the league in yards allowed on the ground. And the #1 team in the league is the Denver Broncos, who no one wants to run on because they are seemingly playing from behind from the coin toss. We are tied with the Broncos for best in the league in YPC against.

And while we have some players in the secondary that many--including myself--remain worried about, we have given up 5 plays of 20+ yards through the air (zero on the ground), good for 5th in the league in that department. We have given up zero plays of 40+ yards.

Overall, we give up just 4.2 yards per play, good for 2nd best in the league.

The defense can obviously improve in some areas, but we are not witnessing the "same old Browns" on that side of the ball. My only worry about the defense is that they will grow tired of seeing the offense's inability to score and will break down late in games or later in the season. When this unit is motivated and playing for something, they are a force. I'll have some (mostly negative) thoughts on the offense later, but for now here are some of my positive thoughts on the D.