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Browns Reportedly Have Josh Gordon & Greg Little on Trade Block, Want to Acquire Ben Tate

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Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

I thought we could finally get back to focusing on a football game today, but it doesn't look like that will be the case. According to ESPN's Adam Schefter this morning, the Cleveland Browns have WR Greg Little and WR Josh Gordon on the trade block, and would love to add RB Ben Tate.

It's hard to say what a "quality" offer for Gordon would be. A second-round pick in last year's supplemental draft was used on him, but it looked like he could be a first-round talent. That might be too much to squeeze out of a team, though. It could be that the Browns are looking for a second-round pick, plus a later-round pick, for the promising young receiver. Or, they could just be trying to see if someone is eager enough to hand over another too-good-to-be-true trade; otherwise, they would just keep him.

With Little being demoted this week, the odds of him being shipped away seem greater. He could probably be had for a low-round pick -- a sixth-rounder. Maybe a draft pick would not be included, and Cleveland would pick up depth in a player-for-player trade.

As for Tate, it's hard to say whether the Browns would wait until he is a free agent, or if they'd like to sweeten a pot to add the promising young back in a trade this year. Thinking long-term, they could actually ship some draft picks in the 2015 NFL Draft if they were considering a trade this year. UPDATE: After reading more reports, it sounds like they are thinking about Tate in free agency come 2014.

Reports also surfaced this morning that teams were inquiring about acquiring Browns LT Joe Thomas. The answer for him? "No."

NFL Media's Michael Silver reported Sunday on "NFL GameDay Morning" that "several teams" have called about acquiring Thomas. What interested parties are being told, according to Silver's source, is that Thomas is not on the block.

After trading Trent Richardson, the Browns said they would not be actively looking to deal other players. However, based on today's reports, it sounds like they might not be done.