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DBN Radio: Browns Team President Alec Scheiner & Executive VP Brent Stehlik Join Us

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Tonight is another edition of Dawgs By Nature Radio, and we are very pleased to announce that two members of the Cleveland Browns' front office, Alec Scheiner and Brent Stehlik, will be joining us during the hour. Plus, with the Browns picking up their first win of the season, there will be plenty of positives to discuss tonight, September 24th, LIVE at 7 PM EST.

Josh Finney will host this week's episode, and he'll be joined by the team Zach Miller and Mike Krupka. Be sure to check out the show preview below.

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Topics to be Covered on Today's Show:

  1. Mike Krupka had the opportunity to speak with two members of the Browns' front office, Team President Alec Scheiner and Executive Vice President Brent Stehlik, for about ten minutes. Both guys have done a great job engaging Cleveland fans on Twitter, and Brent has acknowledged that he has followed DBN for awhile now. Both of them will discuss the fan and gameday experience, which is particularly relevant since the Browns have three straight home games coming up against the Bengals, Bills, and Lions.

  2. Josh and Zach will talk about the positives and negatives from the Browns' 31-27 victory over the Minnesota Vikings this past Sunday, and one of the hot button topics will now be, "who starts at quarterback, Brian Hoyer or Brandon Weeden?" Josh and Zach have already made it clear that they disagree on this topic, so it'll be interesting to hear them expand on their reasoning.

  3. We will have a guest on to help preview this week's game against the Cincinnati Bengals, plus we'll look at some of the big stories around the NFL, such as how the Steelers are absolutely terrible. As always, we'd love to hear from YOU, so be sure to call in if one of the topics interest you -- the Hoyer vs. Weeden topic seems like an easy one to get people's juices going!