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UPDATE: Brian Hoyer Will Start at QB vs. Bengals, Brandon Weeden Still Out

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With Brandon Weeden still nursing a thumb injury, Brian Hoyer will start at quarterback for the second straight week.

Who is it going to be, Chud?
Who is it going to be, Chud?
Hannah Foslien

UPDATE: During Chudzinski's press conference on Wednesday, he announced that QB Brian Hoyer will start for the Cleveland Browns this week against the Cincinnati Bengals. QB Brandon Weeden is out still with a thumb injury, but will continue to be evaluated and could start throwing the football this week.


Who will be the Cleveland Browns' starting quarterback this Sunday against the Cincinnati Bengals (and perhaps moving forward)? We could find out today. Head coach Rob Chudzinski will be available to the media for his Wednesday press conference at 10:50 AM this morning, which you can catch live at Last Wednesday, the news of Brian Hoyer starting actually broke on Twitter prior to Chudzinski's press conference.

This week is a different situation, though. Brandon Weeden's thumb might be healthy enough for him to play, but after Hoyer gave the offense a spark in the team's 31-27 win over the Vikings this past Sunday, Chudzinski has a decision to make. On Monday, we ran a poll asking who should start at quarterback this weekend, and the results were pretty much split down the middle:


There are two types of fans: the analytical ones (which many, if not most, of us are here at Dawgs By Nature), and the casual ones. From what I noticed, the analytical crowed seems to be split 50-50 -- some want to see how Weeden performs with Josh Gordon, and perhaps Shawn Lauvao, in the lineup. Others feel that because Hoyer did more in one game than Weeden's done in 17 games, he deserves to see this through. It should be noted that although Weeden has his supporters, it doesn't sound like people will be devastated or anything if he isn't named the starter.

As far as the more casual crowd goes -- which encompass Facebook fans, some national media members who don't follow the Browns regularly, and a lot of people I encounter in person -- almost everyone wants to see Hoyer. They want a guy who shows he can win, and at the moment, Hoyer fits that billing.

Feel free to use this as an open thread to discuss the quarterback situation, and Chudzinski's press conference as it unfolds. Keep in mind that the Browns have a game against the Bills on the Thursday following this Sunday, so whoever starts this week might actually be guaranteed two consecutive starts.