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DBN Radio: Listen to Our 9/24/13 Episode, With Browns' Front Office Members

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Dawgs By Nature Radio was last night, and with the win this past Sunday over the Vikings, everyone was in good spirits -- we even scored an interview with Cleveland Browns Team President Alec Scheiner and Executive VP Brent Stehlik! Josh Finney hosted the show and was joined by Zach Miller and Mike Krupka.

Some of the topics discussed included...

  • How the Browns did against the Vikings this past Sunday.
  • Who should start at QB moving forward -- Brandon Weeden or Brian Hoyer?
  • We had a guest call in to discuss the Cincinnati Bengals, which was a lot of fun and took up nearly 20-25 minutes of the show.
  • The show closed out with Krupka's interview with two members of the Browns' front office, Alec Scheiner and Brent Stehlik. They talked about the gameday and fan experience, which is particularly important since three straight home games are coming up.
  • If you are looking to jump right to that interview, it is the final 10 minutes of the show. We really suggest you listen to all 60 minutes, though!
  • All of that, and a whole lot more!

Let us know what you thought of the show in the comments section below.

Download the .mp3 of the show

Listen to the 9/24/13 episode on iTunes