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Week 5 College Football Open Thread (for Browns fans)

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Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

It's time for our Week 5 open thread for college football! You can talk about players you think would look good in a Browns uniform, big-time plays from Saturday, or what games you are most looking forward to. The Buckeyes take on Wisconsin this week, which might make for one of their toughest matchups all season. Don't forget that we have a Buckeyes blog that has every inch of that game covered.

You are also free to use this as an extension of the Daily Dawg Chow to discuss things that are off-topic, or Browns-related stuff. Here are features that I will be posting later today:

  • Scouting report on the Bengals
  • Injury report for Bengals vs. Browns
  • Position-by-position breakdown and a prediction of who will come out victorious