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Cincinnati Bengals vs. Cleveland Browns - 4th Quarter Game Thread

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Jump down to the comments section to discuss the Bengals vs. Browns game each quarter with a bunch of other Browns fans!

Joe Thomas says, "we've got this."
Joe Thomas says, "we've got this."
Jason Miller

A corner blitz by Chris Owens forced a sack, strip, and recovery by the Browns' defense to start the third quarter. Starting with good field position, the Browns had two penalties in a row that stalled the drive immediately, forcing a punt. The defense forced a three-and-out, and after a punt, Cleveland had the ball at midfield again.

After missing two field goals in the second quarter, the Browns tried a 51-yard field goal, and he made it to give Cleveland a full touchdown lead at 10-3. The Bengals responded with a field goal to close out the third quarter. Can the Browns hang on to their 10-6 lead to close out the game?


Game: Cincinnati Bengals vs. Cleveland Browns
Date/Time: Sunday, September 29, 2013 at 1:00 p.m. EST
Local Television: WOIO, Channel 19 (Cleveland) - Marv Albert & Rich Gannon
Local Radio: ESPN 850 WKNR, 92.3 The Fan, 98.5 FM WNCX

This is the official game thread for the Bengals vs. Browns match-up. Any comment regarding the game as it is taking place should go in this thread. As the number of comments increase during the game, there might be one or more "overflow" threads where the rest of the discussion will be continued. No GIF's or images are permitted in game threads.