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LeBron James' Agency to Represent Johnny Manziel

Bear with me while I take a gigantic leap...

Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

LeBron James story on an NFL site? Yes, give it a few and it'll all make perfect sense...

LeBron and Johnny Football have been in contact for some time now, with James apparently texting with Manziel before and after his games. James told that while he is happy to give out advice to the young QB, he didn't think it'd lead to a business deal.

"When the opportunity was brought to me, I just told him if he's willing to listen to my advice, I was willing to give it," James said. "I was texting him weekly, before the games and after the games. I didn't know it would lead to us being together with business, but I was happy to help."

It appears as though a deal for Manziel to team up with LeBron will come to fruition however, as it has been reported he will sign with LeBron's agency, LRMR. Darren Rovel of ESPN tweeted the news earlier this week:

LRMR is a management firm that is run by LeBron's childhood friend, Maverick Carter. They currently represent LeBron, and appear to be the firm who will represent the marketing interests of young Johnny Manziel.

Why does this all matter? And why am I wasting your time writing about LeBron's agency?

Well, I'm glad you asked. Simply put, it's all part of Jimmy Haslam's master plan to return Cleveland to the Glory Days. See, not only is Haslam trying to return the Browns to prominence, he's trying to help the Cavs as well.

It's no secret the Browns are going to take a QB in the draft, and Johnny Manziel very likely could be that selection. Getting Manziel in Cleveland, and having Manziel represented by LeBron's agency could aid in The King returning to his castle in Cleveland.

LeBron can opt out of his current contract after this season. Ever since signing with the Heat, Clevelanders have speculated about The Return of the King. Manziel signing with LRMR and the Browns drafting Manziel could just be the missing piece to the puzzle for LeBron to come back to Cleveland.

Johnny Football , QB for the Cleveland Browns. LeBron James, SF for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Am I crazy? Probably.

Is it wrong to dream? Absolutely not.