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The Weekly Affirmation

This is your one chance a week to say whatever optimistic thing you can think of without somebody bringing you back down to Earth, take advantage!

Al Bello

Welcome back to the Weekly Affirmation, the one article per week where I force everyone to be relentlessly positive. Last week I wrote about the large number of pro bowlers and all-pros we have on the roster, because boy is that awesome. This week I'm going to write about good things yet to come. As Jimmy Haslam mentioned in his recent letter to the fans (written without the help of comic sans, unfortunately) the Cleveland Browns have three of the first 35 picks in the draft. A very deep draft at several positions of need, I might add. The top pick seems likely to end up being a quarterback, and what's not to like about that? Nothing turns a team around faster than a shiny new franchise QB. Whether it's Johnny Manziel, Blake Bortles, Teddy Bridgewater, or some other QB, we're going to be getting a big new dose of hope. Whoever we pick with the number four selection is going to have oodles of talent and a non-zero chance of being the man under center for the next decade. That's pretty cool to think about. After that, we've got two more picks to throw at high-upside players. This year's receiver class is one of the deepest in recent memory, somebody with big talent will be available at 26 or 35. Maybe we choose to use one of those picks on a new running back or inside linebacker or even an offensive lineman to protect our new QB, who knows? But the Browns will be adding three players who should make an immediate impact in 2014.

But wait! There's more! The Browns also have two more picks in the top 83. Third rounders aren't sure things, but there will be good players to be had in the middle rounds. Even sweeter? One of those picks was traded to the Browns from the Steelers last season, so we get to rub whoever we take with that pick in their faces. That should be fun. People will probably complain that they have no confidence in the people making the picks. I don't care, draft season is the time for irrational optimism. The day after the draft every first round pick is a potential all-pro, everybody taken before the fifth is a solid starter, and you can be almost certain that those late round fliers are going to pay off. Worry about reality later, for now enjoy the endless possibilities that come with the NFL draft, and the fact that the Browns are in better position than anyone else to take advantage of them.

That's what I'm happy about this week, but I want to hear what you think is the bee's knees in the world of the Cleveland Browns. Remember, positive thoughts only, any comments trying to rain on my parade will be deleted. But don't worry whiners, you'll get your chance tomorrow.