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Why Are the Browns Allowing Norv Turner & Ray Horton Leave?

Even though the front office didn't approve of the job that Rob Chudzinski did, why is the Browns' front office allowing Ray Horton and Norv Turner to interview with other teams before the team's future head coach is hired? Wouldn't it be better for the next head coach to make that decision? Practically, yes. From a business perspective, no, according to Daryl Ruiter of 92.3 The Fan:

The mentality sounds ridiculous, considering what the team is going to owe Chudzinski over the next several years by firing him. However, new head coaches rarely retain the full staff of assistants, so by allowing the assistants to find other work before they are "fired," it saves money. It would also be a reason why the team has waited so long to name their next head coach -- in hopes that guys like Horton and Turner can get "off the books." Turner is reportedly close to reaching a deal to become the Minnesota Vikings' next offensive coordinator.