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Browns WR Davone Bess Arrested for Assault

Crash and burn.

David Welker

The rapid deterioration of Davone Bess' football (and possibly personal) life is happening right before our very eyes. Bess was excused from the Cleveland Browns in late-December for personal reasons, and then a week or so later, he began posting pictures of himself smoking a substance, possibly marijuana, on social media for everybody to see. Matt Wood of DBN covered that story at the beginning of January, but strangely enough, none of the local media outlets even made mention of Bess' behavior.

On Thursday, Bess posted another photo incriminating himself to the NFL, and this time, everyone in the Cleveland media ran with it. A team spokesman was reached for comment, and reportedly relayed the following: "The team is aware of the photos and looking further into the situation and will deal with the matter internally."

Flashforward to 6:19 AM this morning, where Bess was taken into custody by police at Fort Lauderdale International Airport for assaulting a police office/firefighter. Please get this guy away from the Browns as quick as possible, and try to see if you can recoup at least a portion of his guaranteed money for 2014. Surely there is an out-clause in the event a player purposefully throws his career away, right?

And now, we have a mugshot for Bess, too. Just the type of publicity this team needs, eh?

Following the arrest, the Browns released the following statement: