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Daily Dawg Chow: Browns news (1/20/14)

Matt Sullivan


Cleveland Browns:

  • "What Will the Browns Do Now?" (OBR) - "Will they wait? With the Broncos punching their ticket to the Super Bowl on Feb. 2 by virtue of their 26-16 win over the Patriots in the AFC Championship game, Broncos offensive coordinator Adam Gase will be unable to even talk to the Browns until Feb. 3."
  • "Lombardi’s dismissal necessary in light of Bess revelations" (ESPN Cleveland) - "The irony for the Browns’ owner Jimmy Haslam is that what branded him a buffoon just three weeks ago could rehabilitate his image now."
  • "The Demographic Debate: Which Browns fans have it worse?" (WFNY) - "Located throughout northeastern Ohio, interspersed between Youngstown and Toledo, trickling down along Interstates 71 and 77, there exists a group of individuals who have only known Ed O’Neill to be Jay Pritchett rather than Al Bundy."
  • "Best Browns Ever" ( - "Super Bowls are nice. Playoffs are nice too. Consistency with the coaching staff and an unspoken, honorable trust in the front office goes a long way with fans. So, maybe I’ve been told as much, but I’m basically guessing on all of this; after all, this is the Cleveland Browns we’re talking about."