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Dirk Koetter to Interview for the Browns' Head Coaching Vacancy

Yes -- the Dirk Koetter.

If we can't get Rob Chudzinski back, we'll just find a lookalike.
If we can't get Rob Chudzinski back, we'll just find a lookalike.

Exit Adam Gase from the list of Cleveland Browns head coaching candidates, and enter Dirk Koetter, offensive coordinator of the Atlanta Falcons.

Does Koetter's name sound familiar to you? It should -- last season, when the Atlanta Falcons were one of the best teams in the NFL, Koetter was one of the "hot" candidates for teams to interview. In fact, last year, Koetter had interviews lined up with Kansas City, Philadelphia, and Cleveland. Koetter only met with Kansas City before deciding to stay with the Falcons via a two-year contract extension. Therefore, Koetter never actually had an interview with the Browns' front office.

The Falcons are coming off of a miserable season 4-12 season that saw them have no running game, injured receivers, and an overall lack of productivity. Matt Ryan was still pretty effective, all things considered. We'll see if Koetter is just another guy the Browns can look at while they wait for Dan Quinn, or if there is a chance that Koetter can blow them away with an interview (alas Rob Chudzinski last year).