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Report: Attitude Toward Browns at Senior Bowl is "Disparaging to Downright Nasty"

The Senior Bowl is one of the events in which members of the media and team and front office personnel from across the NFL gather in one spot. It's a place where you hope to get a vibe on potential players your team might draft, or where preliminary trade discussions can commence.

For the Cleveland Browns, though, it's where everyone else apparently nods their head in uniformity at the dysfunction in the team's front office. That report comes via Tony Pauline (formerly of of during his "Tuesday Buzz" article from the Senior Bowl:

The Cleveland Browns organization is not getting much respect here at the Senior Bowl. The attitude towards the Browns, specifically the front office, from personnel people around the league has ranged from disparaging to downright nasty. Several comments were passed at the South’s afternoon practice that few are surprised the Cleveland franchise cannot find a head coach considering "those in charge". In fact choice adjectives were used by front office people here in Mobile to describe "those in charge" in Cleveland.

"Those in charge" likely refer to Browns CEO Joe Banner and general manager Michael Lombardi. The funny thing is that the guy actually doing the work at the Senior Bowl, assistant general manager Ray Farmer, is probably the only respected guy of the group, and he'll probably end up taking a good share of his knowledge to the Miami Dolphins soon.