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Browns QB Jason Campbell's Base Salary to Increase in 2014

Could QB Jason Campbell end up being cut this offseason?

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

A little over a week ago, we made note of increases in base salaries in 2014 for linebacker D'Qwell Jackson, as well as several players who are entering the final year of their rookie contract. Another player earned an increase in his base salary for 2014, and like Jackson, it could end up being the type of thing that makes him more likely to be cut: QB Jason Campbell.

In 2013, Campbell's base salary was $1.5 million. If he had met certain playing time escalators (which he did not), he would have increased his base salary for last season. He did play enough to see an impact on his 2014 base salary. Referencing contract details released by Pro Football Talk from back in March, Campbell could have hit the following escalators based on his 2013 playing time:

  • 30-39% of Offensive Snaps: $500,000 increase in 2014
  • 40-49% of Offensive Snaps: $1,000,000 increase in 2014
  • 50-64% of Offensive Snaps: $1,500,000 increase in 2014
  • 65-100% of Offensive Snaps: $2,000,000 increase in 2014

Per my snap count calculations, Campbell played 45.39% of the team's offensive snaps in 2013. His base salary for 2014 was originally set to be $2 million, so the list above indicates that he increased that base salary by $1 million up to $3 million. He also has a roster bonus of $250,000 that is due the third day of the league year.

With all due respect to Campbell, when Mike Pettine stressed the need to find a "great" quarterback, I don't see him having Campbell in mind, and $3.25 million for a backup seems a bit pricey. It is unlikely that Brian Hoyer met any escalators, since he only played in two full games before being hurt. He is only set to make $1.25 million in 2014. Brandon Weeden's cap hit in 2014 is only $2.20 million, and it would actually result in $4.20 million in dead money if he was cut, since he's under contract through 2015.