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Report: Gary Kubiak Wanted Too Much Control With Browns

A pseudo-head coach title for Gary Kubiak? No way, said the Browns.

Frederick Breedon

Earlier today, we reported that former Houston Texans head coach Gary Kubiak is now the favorite to be the Baltimore Ravens' next offensive coordinator. Ian Rapoport of says that the Cleveland Browns talked with Kubiak last week, but that talks broke down after Kubiak requested too much power:

On one hand, you don't want a situation where you basically have one head coach running the defense (Mike Pettine) and another one running the offense (Kubiak); even if Pettine is a defensive guy, he should have some input regarding the offensive direction of the team. Pettine has also expressed a desire to use his defensive knowledge to assist the offense in how to attack a defense.

On the other hand, doesn't it look a little silly that by turning away Kubiak, we are basically giving him to a division rival in the Ravens? Hmm. Perhaps Kubiak was seeking the ability to make roster decisions (i.e. cuts) on offense.

When Rapoport says, "Loggains in play," he is referring to former Tennesee Titans offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains, something we touched on the other day.