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Should DBN's Recommended Comments Remain Green?

The Dawgs By Nature faithful should be familiar with what it means when a comment "goes green." Recently, SB Nation implemented functionality that presents us with the option to change the color of recommended comments (as well as the color of the thumb image). This can benefit some blogs. For example, Chicago Bears fans hated making comments green, because it reminded them of the Green Bay Packers.

Here are some examples of custom color schemes on other sites:

Blue recommended comments w/ orange thumb

Grey recommended comments w/ dark red thumb

I did a comparison of a hypothetical color scheme. Here is the current "green" scheme vs. an "orange" scheme:





If you have a Firefox plug in like Firebug and know how to modify the CSS in your browser, feel free to show us your own color scheme proposals. This post will serve to gather feedback in the comments section. If we seem to have enough support for a change, we will put it to an official poll. Make sure your voice is heard if you are for or against a color change for recommended comments.