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Report: Bill Callahan Might Stay in Dallas, Despite Possible Role Change

The Browns could be in another situation where they will have to decide if they'd like to play the waiting game or not. Rumors have had them interested in Dallas Cowboys offensive coordinator Bill Callahan to take the same position in Cleveland. Callahan could become available if the Cowboys do bring Scott Linehan aboard as offensive coordinator (which would leave Callahan as the offensive line coach only). An ESPN report said the following about Callahan's thoughts on a potential change:

When the source was asked would Callahan be happy with a potential change, the source said, "hell no."

That fueled the fire that Callahan might end up coming to Cleveland, if the Cowboys let him. Another report from ESPN says that Callahan will likely stay in Dallas for one more year, though, regardless of how disgruntled he may be about a change:

We've already seen Gary Kubiak's name virtually taken out of contention, so it's looking more and more like Dowell Loggains could be the guy in Cleveland.