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Which Browns Player Would You Turn Robot?

The Cleveland Browns are coming off of a losing season, but one in which they had six Pro Bowlers. Playing into the theme of the upcoming reboot of RoboCop, which player would you turn into part- or full-robot so he could play forever? Based on the graphic at the top of the screen (full version here), the answer is clear for me: left tackle Joe Thomas.

Not many teams in the NFL have the luxury of a franchise left tackle, a designation which is supposed to make quarterbacks feel secure and allow them to grow into a franchise quarterback. Unfortunately, despite the fact that Thomas has made the Pro Bowl in all seven of his seasons since being drafted No. 3 overall in the 2007 NFL Draft, Thomas has seen quarterback after quarterback go through Cleveland, to no fault of his own.

Thomas has blocked for...

Derek Anderson
Brady Quinn
Ken Dorsey
Bruce Gradkowski
Jake Delhomme
Seneca Wallace
Colt McCoy
Thaddeus Lewis
Brandon Weeden
Jason Campbell
Brian Hoyer

Except for a "pending" mark on Hoyer, all of those have squandered Thomas' abilities. Fortunately, Thomas is still under contract through 2018. Although he'll be one of the team's highest-paid players over the next four years, his cap hit actually lessens on the back end of his contract, reducing the risk that he will be released or traded at some point down the road.

Thomas must already be a little bit robotic, since he's never missed a snap during his seven-year career.

What do you guys think -- is Thomas the right person to produce forever, or is there another talent on our roster (or in the front office) who you would deem more important...say, Josh Gordon? Feel free to have some Photoshop fun in the comments section if that's your thing.