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Adam Gase Discusses Turning the Browns' Opportunity Away

Steve Doerschuk of the Canton Repository squeezed all that he could out of Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Adam Gase during media day about how much the Cleveland Browns tried to lure him to be their next head coach. You should head on over to give the full article a read, but this part seemed particularly interesting, after the Browns first requested permission to interview Gase:

"Originally when John sent the slip back, I called (Browns CEO) Joe Banner, and I just informed him what I was going to do," said Gase, telling Banner he would do no interviews until after the Broncos' season was over. "Then Mr. Haslam ... he called me and introduced himself, and we had a discussion. And those guys ... they're great. Any time we won a game, they'd just text me and say, 'Great game, keep on rolling.' "

Gase said he ultimately told the Browns to move on because he felt that a loss to New England would no longer make him an attractive candidate, while a win would have him mentally focused on winning a Super Bowl. Basically, it'd be a disservice to both Denver and Cleveland if he were trying to pull both duties of preparing for a big game while assembling a coaching staff on the side. The chips didn't align for Gase and Cleveland, but that is bound to change at some point in the future...just with another team.