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NFL Playoff Challenge Update: Where Do You Stand?

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY

Before the playoffs started, we encouraged people to play the NFL Playoff Challenge again, which is a form of fantasy football for the postseason. I went with the strategy of only taking players from one AFC team and one NFC team, and because of that, I can maximize my points this weekend. My picks were Seattle and Denver.

Besides picking both teams in the Super Bowl, I did try to go "outside the box" with my picks at the receiver position. My belief is that a large subset of people would pick Denver vs. Seattle players, but with Demaryius Thomas or Eric Decker as their receivers. How many people would take Wes Welker and Golden Tate, though? If both of them had unbelievable postseasons, I could be standing alone in first place, ready to claim my tickets to next year's Super Bowl.

Unfortunately, Welker and Tate haven't done a damn thing this postseason, so I probably have zero chance at winning. I'm in 8th place in the DBN league with 440 fantasy points, but that should increase if I surpass people who didn't pick a Denver vs. Seattle Super Bowl. Currently in first place in the DBN league with 513 points is Doc's Kid. Doc's Kid has Thomas and Decker as his receivers, which appears to have been the winning formula after all. Shucks. He is in 5,734th place overall, which is pretty good considering all of the people that play this game.

The overall leaders have 577 points, but both of them had Anquan Boldin and LeGarrette Blount, so they won't stay up there. Odds are that Doc's Kid won't win it all, but he could come pretty close to the top of the leaderboard.

Where do you stand in the rankings? Do you have any roster regrets in hindsight?