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Your Cleveland Browns Weekly Affirmation

Let's focus on the positive for once! Nothing but good times await you here!

Matt Sullivan

I don't think it's any secret that things have been pretty negative around here lately.  With that in mind, I think it would be nice for everyone if we took one article per week where we talked about nothing but good things.  I'm hoping to make this a weekly piece, where I can focus on one positive thing from the past week in Browns news.  I'm extending this to the comments too, so happy thoughts only you miserable bums!

This week it isn't hard to find something positive.  The Cleveland Browns have five all-pros, you guys.  Do you realize how crazy that is?  As rufio pointed out, no other team in the AFC North had more than one.  Not only did we have five guys make it, one could also make the argument that Jordan Cameron should have as well.  Think of that, the Cleveland Browns have six all-pro quality players on the roster.  That hasn't happened in decades, and it's pretty rare in general.  The Chiefs had five players make the Pro Bowl last season, but just one all-pro (Jamaal Charles) and he was a second teamer.

Perhaps the best thing about these guys is their ages: none are over 30, and the two oldest play offensive line, a position group that tends to age better than others.  Joe Thomas continues his dominance at left tackle and just turned 29 last month.  Alex Mack just turned 28.  TJ Ward is 27, and much to my astonishment Joe Haden is just 24.  Of course, the crown jewel of the Cleveland Browns this season was Josh Gordon, who will turn 23 this spring.  That's one month younger than Tavon Austin.  This team isn't just talented now, they'll be talented for years.  We're truly on the way up. The future is bright my friends.

What about you?  Let me know in the comments what makes you optimistic for the future of the Cleveland Browns.  And don't worry Negative Nancies, you'll get your chance to whine tomorrow.  But for now, try to enjoy yourselves.