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What Word Describes How the 2014 Cleveland Browns Have Played Thus Far?

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

This week, Marshall Faulk said, "After five weeks you begin to see what your team is made of. There are many aspects that go into being GMC Professional Grade: Focus, precision, consistency," and then asked us the following questions: "In one word – one word – can you describe your team right now? C’mon, c’mon, give it to me. And let me know, how long will it last?"

There are a lot of words I can think of, but I'll have to go with "thrilling." All four of the Browns' games have come down to the wire so far, by a very slim margin:

  • Week 1: Steelers win 30-27 over Browns on FG as time expires.
  • Week 2: Browns win 26-26 over Saints on FG with 0:03 to go.
  • Week 3: Ravens win 23-21 over Browns on FG as time expires.
  • Week 4: Browns win 29-28 over Titans on TD with 1:09 to go.

We all know how the Browns' unbelievable comebacks in Weeks 1 and 4. At home, Cleveland almost let a Week 2 performance against the Saints slip away from them, while in Week 3, the Browns missed opportunities to close the door on Baltimore. At 2-2, though, nobody can say they've been bored by a Browns game, because my heart has been racing up until the final whistle. Having such a close point differential is a rarity in the NFL too, and until the defense gets things figured out, I think the trend will continue:

What one word would you use to describe the team's performance thus far?

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