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Browns Have Proven to be Effective in Two-Minute Drill Situations

Gregory Shamus

This week, Marshall Faulk said, "To be Professional Grade, you must be prepared for every situation. Imagine your team facing its next opponent. You’re down by six, with 2 minutes left, on your own 30," and then asked us the following questions: "I wanna know right now, what does your team do? Do they win, or do they lose?"

Even though the Browns haven't encountered this exact scenario this season, I think the Browns would fit the bill of a team capable of coming back. Cleveland already works with an up-tempo offense for a good portion of the game, and they've had game-winning drives against the Saints (via a field goal) and the Titans (via a touchdown).

With opposing defenses playing prevent defense, I could see offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan dialing up some run plays in the situation too. QB Brian Hoyer leads with the right sense of urgency -- we don't see the silly one-yard checkdown pass over the middle of the field. He'll try to pick up yards in chunks or get the ball to the sideline, and our receivers have come through in the clutch. Therefore, I'll go with me having the confidence that the Browns can win in that scenario, and that's without WR Josh Gordon. Once Gordon gets back, you add another dimension --  a guy who could go the distance on any given play if you don't double cover him.

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